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CNN Analyst Claims Trump Is a Terrorist Leader

(TheConservativeNews.org) – CNN contributors typically have few qualms about airing misleading views and statements. However, since January 6, after the events that took place in Washington, DC, the platform appears to have dispensed with any semblance of journalistic integrity.

On Tuesday, January 12, Juliette Kayyem appeared on the “Newsroom” program. Referring to the possibility of armed protest during the scheduled inauguration on January 20, she claimed Donald Trump is the “operational leader of this domestic terrorism effort.” 

Kayyem’s comments came despite the fact Trump has condemned those who took part in last week’s Capitol protest. The president has also since appealed to those threatening violence not to engage in this kind of demonstration during the inauguration.

While acknowledging that her statement sounded “incredibly harsh,” Kayyem justified her designation of the president as a terrorist leader by citing the protection of American citizens. This was a particularly devious tactic; it appealed to the fear that millions of people are currently experiencing to whip up negative feelings about the president and turn them against him. 

While this kind of maneuvering from Liberals is no longer surprising, it remains a dangerous threat to the free and fair discourse that upholds our republic.

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