Tuesday, February 7, 2023

City Forcing Gun Owners to Pay Taxes for Gun Ownership

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(TheConservativeNews.org) – At the end of last month, a lone shooter opened fire at a light rail yard in San Jose, killing nine people before turning his weapon on himself. Sam Cassidy was an apparently disgruntled employee of the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) and targeted other employees of the organization when he went on his rampage. 

This incident was the latest episode in the saga that is America’s struggle with gun violence. It’s an intractable issue with varied and complex causes. Of course, the liberal politicians who want to do away with guns don’t care about the complications involved; they just want to hijack tragedies like this one to attack the Second Amendment. 

San Jose Starts Taxing Guns

Unfortunately, this mindset has now taken hold in San Jose in the wake of last month’s mass shooting. On Tuesday, June 29, the San Jose city council voted unanimously to introduce new measures designed to make weapon owners cover the costs gun violence incurs. Gun owners in the city will have to pay an annual tax that will help to deal with expenses related to emergency response after incidents of gun violence. They will also be required to take out liability insurance in respect of their weapons. 

When discussing these new measures ahead of the vote on Tuesday, San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo remarked that the Second Amendment does not “require taxpayers to subsidize gun ownership.” These are potentially ominous words, as other liberal areas around the country could come to see this as a loophole in the law they could exploit to limit gun rights.

Addressing the possibility that gun rights groups might sue to overturn this provision, Liccardo said he was confident his policies were “on the right side of the Constitution.”

What’s Happening at the Federal Level?

President Joe Biden is a notoriously anti-gun leader. In April of this year, just weeks after his arrival in the White House, he signed a spate of executive actions designed to restrict Americans’ ability to buy weapons. He also appointed David Chipman, who David Harsanyi of the National Review recently described as an “anti-gun nut,” to head up the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF).

Therefore, states can expect little help from the president when it comes to infringements on their Second Amendment rights. However, there’s always the possibility of challenging a gun control provision in the courts on grounds that it violates the Second Amendment. 

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