China Attacks US Over Tweet

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( – Last Sunday, August 15, the world’s eyes were on Afghanistan as Taliban leaders captured Kabul, completing their sweep of the nation. President Ashraf Ghani resigned his position and left his troubled region. The extremist group installed Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar as the new leader of the country. 

In America, politicians and media outlets have scrambled to assign the blame for this situation to various administrations. However, it’s not just domestic dissatisfaction our leaders need to worry about.

China Uses Afghanistan to Its Advantage

Another burgeoning foreign policy issue causing headaches for President Joe Biden is the tension between China and Taiwan. The Chinese government is keen to claim the island nation as its own, even though Taiwan is an independent democracy. 

On Tuesday, August 17, the Chinese state-run Global Times newspaper ran an editorial claiming that China would “crush [US troops] by force” if they remain in Taiwan. The article went on to claim that this kind of troop presence would violate international law, as well as America’s own laws. 

This article came in response to a tweet from Senator John Cornyn (R-TX), which claimed there were 30,000 American troops on the island. Fact-checkers quickly exposed this tweet as false and Cornyn subsequently deleted it. According to Breitbart News, there has not been an American military presence in Taiwan since 1979, and the highest number of personnel the US ever had stationed on the island was 19,000.

The Chinese military raised eyebrows around the world in recent days when it initiated a series of live-fire drills, involving submarines, fighter jets, and other aircraft, near Taiwanese territory.

Our Strained Relationship with China

This may be the most serious instance of Chinese aggression we’ve seen of late, but it’s by no means the first. Ties between the US and China have been thorny for a while. Things have gotten considerably worse since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Unlike the mainstream media and WHO, former President Donald Trump was not afraid to highlight the CCP’s role in allowing the virus to spread. Many commentators felt relations would be warmer under Joe Biden. But, as we’ve highlighted here, that has not been the case.

Because the US economy is highly reliant on imports of semiconductors from Taiwan, the federal government is keen to see the island nation remain free from the CCP’s clutches. Unfortunately, we may have a long way to go before these hostilities with China are resolved. 

With the situation in Afghanistan simultaneously spiraling out of control, our leaders certainly have their hands full.

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