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China Attacks The US…

( – When Biden took office, many were worried that his foreign connections to China would leave him open to being taken advantage of. Nobody thought it would happen this fast and this dramatically. With nobody in the world afraid of taking on the US, it’s bound to get worse. Our enemies are continuing to test the limits of what the US will take under the guidance of Joe Biden, and not surprisingly, Biden has turned his back and let our enemies do whatever they want. The latest example is China.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) regime has launched an astonishing, hypocritical attack on the US – accusing us of war crimes, while it exploits its own citizens in slave labor camps and threatens an invasion of Taiwan.

Since the Biden administration took office, China has sharply escalated its anti-American propaganda. On December 14, its campaign reached new depths of audacity. A televised speech by the communist dictatorship’s foreign ministry condemned “the brutal US military intervention” in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, and called on the world to “investigate the US military’s war crimes” against civilians.

In fact, US troops operate under strict rules of engagement that comply with international law, while China regularly uses its growing military to terrorize its neighbors. Religious minorities are persecuted, and even enslaved in labor camps. Beijing is currently subjecting the Uyghur minority to internment, slavery, compulsory re-education and “forced suppression of births” – involuntary abortion and infanticide.

China has also reneged on its treaty with the UK on the status of Hong Kong, turning the territory’s elected assembly into a communist puppet. It’s ramped up harassment of Taiwan, sending hundreds of warplanes into the country’s airspace since Biden entered the White House. The communists in Beijing are now openly challenging the US, and our government seems powerless to do anything about it.


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