Chicago Police Vow to Take Legal Action Against Mayor

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( – Chicago’s Democratic Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s relationship with the police in her city has taken a hammering lately. Lightfoot’s policies have made it more difficult for law enforcement officers to execute their roles effectively. She received sharp criticism after the recent death of officer Ella French in the line of duty. 

In the latest episode between Lightfoot and her law enforcement agents, the mayor’s proposed COVID-19 vaccine mandate has police up in arms. They’re even threatening to take her to court.

Lori Lightfoot’s Vaccine Mandate for Police

On Monday, August 23, Pfizer’s COVID vaccine received FDA approval for everyone aged 16 and up. Within hours of the announcement, Lightfoot said that all city employees would “absolutely” have to receive inoculations in light of the news from the FDA. 

This requirement would follow in the footsteps of similar rules other organizations have put in place. The Pentagon has already told all active service members to get vaccinated, as have Delta Airlines and Goldman Sachs. President Joe Biden has also penned an executive order ordering millions of people working for the federal government to either get a jab or accept regular COVID-19 tests.

The CPD Pushes Back

However, Chicago’s police force is having none of it. John Catanzara, head of the police union in the city, raised the concerns of some members that there’s no data on the long-term effects of the vaccine. Catanzara said the unknowns make a COVID vaccine mandate an unacceptable prospect for the officers he represents. The union boss went on to indicate his members might refuse to come to work if Lightfoot introduces a mandate, and they would be willing to pursue the matter in court.

Lightfoot’s History of Antagonizing the Police

As Chicago has one of the highest violent crime rates among America’s large cities, one might imagine the local government would prioritize building and maintaining a productive relationship with the police. However, Lightfoot has failed spectacularly in this regard.

Police were openly furious with Lightfoot after the murder of Ella French. They protested by turning their backs on her when she visited French’s injured colleague in the hospital.

Instead, the mayor attracted stinging rebukes earlier in the summer for her poor attempt at introducing reform measures. Critics have said Lightfoot’s changes don’t go far enough, and have also criticized her for her alleged mishandling of some police misconduct cases. Many have slammed her sympathy for the Defund the Police movement. Her critics question why a leader in a city plagued with crime would suggest such a move.

It’s not clear how the vaccine mandate dispute will end, but seems that the conflict has done little to repair Lightfoot’s image among police officers.

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