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Chelsea Handler Verbally Assaults Conservatives at Airport

( – A common theme among Liberals in 2020 is an unwillingness to treat those with different opinions with basic compassion or courtesy. Not only that, they often seem proud of abusing people with whom they differ. Chelsea Handler, a comedian and TV producer, gave us a prime example of this on Wednesday, October 28. 

During an appearance on “The View,” the staunch left-winger explained how she would enter exclusive airport departure lounges and chastise guests after the 2016 election. Handler would approach people and call them “racist,” and targeted Fox News areas specifically. 

She also went through a discussion she had with her ex-boyfriend 50 Cent about the election. The rapper came out in support of Trump via Instagram last week, but has since walked back his statements. It now appears Handler may have had a role in the latter move; she called him privately to discuss the matter after his tweets.

The fact Handler behaved like this (and feels comfortable discussing it publicly) is mildly disturbing, but not surprising. Such behavior is, regrettably, all too common among members of the modern left.

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