Sunday, December 4, 2022

CBS Reports On A Story Two Years Too Late….

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( – CBS has finally admitted Hunter Biden‘s laptop is real – 20 months after its contents were authenticated by top experts.

In March 2021 the laptop was authenticated and publicly verified by expert analysis. 

The scandal was widely dismissed by multiple outlets, social media companies made sure stories were censored and whistleblowers claim FBI agents went out of their way to obstruct investigations. 

When files from the laptop were published before the 2020 presidential election, 60 Minutes host Lesley Stahl insisted in an interview with Donald Trump that the contents couldn’t be verified.

The network was among a wide range of left-leaning outlets such as the New York Times and MSNBC who doubted the authenticity as the Biden administration insisted it was Russian disinformation.

But on Monday, two weeks after the midterms, CBS This Morning changed their tune.

The network ran a segment with with former Secret Service member and computer forensics expert Mark Lanterman saying he and his son Sean had independently verified the laptop and said there was no evidence of external tampering.

The story referenced a voicemail from Joe Biden to his son saying he ‘needed to get help’ for his ongoing drug addiction – and pinned the timing of the report to Republicans threatening to launch an investigation into the president’s complicity in Hunter’s foreign business deals.

‘Yes’, Lanterman said when asked if he believed what he saw on the laptop that was given to the FBI under subpoena was real and that it belonged to the president’s scandal-plagued son.

He added that his analysis found it would be difficult to add any additional files, quashing long-time suggestions foreign actors were trying to plant information, and said drivers licenses and social security numbers found saved on the device proved it was Hunter.

Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) wrote on Twitter, “After laughing off reports for two years, the mainstream media wants to claim a victory lap over their independent review. You cannot make this up.”

Fox News contributors Leo Terrell and Joe Concha also mocked CBS News for finally admitting the authenticity of Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Terrell, on “Fox & Friends,” said CBS “knew about” the laptop’s authenticity a long time ago, arguing they elected to deny the scandal and acknowledge its authenticity only after the 2022 midterms.

“What’s the motivation for CBS to have this news story on Thanksgiving week? It was after the midterms, they knew the House was taken over by House Republicans, they knew about the investigation that’s coming, and they want to basically make amends,” he told Brian Kilmeade.

“CBS knew about this. They hid this information to the detriment of President Trump and to the benefit of the campaign for Joe Biden.”

Joe Concha, weighing in on “Fox & Friends First” slammed Stahl and CBS for the significant flip from the vehement denials ahead of the 2020 election.

“We’re talking 25 months later and CBS is talking about this like they had breaking news that suddenly came off the wire… you’re going to sit here now, CBS, and tell me that you even remotely attempted to verify the contents of the laptop back then [in 2020], or did you find it easy to just peddle what everybody else did, which was Russian disinformation?” he said.

Terrell and Concha also slammed CBS for covering for President Biden, who allegedly knew about his son’s business dealings at the time.

“This is where Gavin Newsom is celebrating,” Terrell said. “This is where Gavin Newsom, with the help of CBS and the House Republicans, are going to show Joe Biden the door because this evidence is overwhelming…”

Terrell claimed the acknowledgment’s timing indicates Democrats are now eager to push Biden aside. 

The New York Times, Washington Post, NBC News and Politico are among other outlets that previously verified the laptop’s authenticity.

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