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Cashierless Whole Foods Coming Soon

( – The coronavirus pandemic seemed to intensify the desire some folks had for avoiding other people. Yes, it’s true that many of us miss interacting with others, but at the end of the day, few enjoy going through registers with people and prefer self-checkout. But what if you could skip the checkout line altogether?

Amazon is planning to create two Whole Foods stores without cashiers in 2022. During the press release on September 8, Amazon noted that it would use the same technology as “Just Walk Out” in the two Whole Foods stores located in Sherman Oaks, CA, and Washington, DC. 

Dozens of depth-sensing cameras in Just Walk Out stores track and monitor customers. The technology automatically selects the items that a customer picks up and adds it to their virtual cart; after they leave the store, the company then charges them the total of the items they bought. Of course, people are showing concern about what that means for the employees at the Whole Foods stores. 

Amazon understands the concern and has stated that the stores will still employ the same amount of people, but that customer support will be the main focus for employees. The company also appreciates worries over data and privacy, assuring its customers that Amazon will abide by the policies it’s had in place for years. 

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