Wednesday, December 7, 2022

California Cities Join Sheriff to Prevent the Release of Criminals

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( – California has a reputation as one of America’s most liberal states. This mindset manifests itself in the form of lax treatment of criminals in many cases. 

Recent increases in COVID-19 case numbers in California jails have led policymakers to a simple, if hugely problematic, solution: the release of up to 1,800 inmates. On December 11, a court order was issued, directing law enforcement officials to reduce prison populations in county jails across the state.

Predictably, this idea quickly met with resistance. Sheriff Don Barnes, California’s most senior police officer, refused to comply with the direction. On Monday, December 21, a number of Californian cities voiced their support for Barnes’ position, citing public safety as their top priority. 

While acknowledging the difficulty of the situation, Barnes stated this move would amount to a “court-ordered crime spree.”

COVID-19 has presented challenges for policymakers in every part of the country, and this has necessitated tough decisions in many cases. However, the large-scale release of prisoners is simply too great a risk to take for the purpose of curbing the spread of the virus. Sheriff Barnes is to be applauded for taking this stand and protecting the law-abiding members of his community.

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