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Border Encounters See Massive Increase in One Year

(TheConservativeNews.org) – By now, the crisis on our southern border is hardly news. The media has, for the last number of weeks, been overrun with stories of uncontrolled border crossings and spiraling numbers of unaccompanied minors in detention centers. However, there are always new statistics to illustrate just how dire this state of affairs really is.

On Tuesday, May 11, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) announced that it dealt with more than 178,000 migrants in April of this year. To put this into context, it’s more than a 900% increase on the number for April of 2020. Also, as pointed out in the tweet below, it’s also significantly greater than numbers seen during the Trump administration’s border challenges in 2019. This dispels the liberal narrative that the current crisis is comparable to that one.

One wonders how much longer President Joe Biden can persist with his indifferent approach to the problems on the border. Incredibly, neither he nor Vice President Kamala Harris (who he put in charge of the situation several weeks ago) have even visited the area since the issue became apparent.

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