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Black Journalist Says Trump Is Winning Over African-American Males (REPORT)

( – Votes from minority communities will be crucial in the upcoming election. Marginalized groups are feeling pressure from both the pandemic and the ongoing unrest in major cities. Members of the Black, Latino, and Asian communities have more of an incentive than ever to make their voice heard at the ballot box this November.

On Wednesday, October 21, we got an indication of current attitudes in African-American communities from journalist Jason Whitlock. Whitlock, who is of African descent, commented that Donald Trump is making a good impression on black voters during an interview on Fox. 

He alluded to Trump’s no-nonsense attitude and distaste for modern PC culture, which he says resonates with African voters. He also mentioned several Black celebrities, including rapper 50 Cent, who have expressed their support for the incumbent.

This is hugely encouraging news for Conservatives. Despite the Democrats’ claims that Donald Trump does not care about minority communities, they might be the very thing that gets him over the finish line in November.

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