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Birth Rates Collapse During Pandemic

( – Birth rates tend to fluctuate in line with major global events. For example, the term “baby boomer” refers to the explosion in birth rates that occurred after World War 2. COVID-19 is the international catastrophe of our generation, and it, too, is having an effect on births.

On Sunday, April 11, Just the News published a report on birth rates in various American states over the last year. The report claims that, of the states that publish their birth-rate statistics each year, many experienced a sharp drop in births in 2020 relative to 2019. In Florida, for example, the birth rate fell by 5.5%. This likely reflects worries about income and stability, as well as the fact fewer new romantic couples have formed.

This trend isn’t confined to the US. In Europe, France, Italy, and Poland are all showing sizable declines in their birth rates over the last year. 

Experts fear this trend could cause significant demographic issues in years to come. However, if the distribution of vaccines achieves a reasonably quick return to normality, the fallout could be limited.

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