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Bipartisan Stimulus Bill in the Works

( – After the failure of the Republican-led stimulus bill in the Senate last week, it now looks as though an alternative may be on the table. On Tuesday, September 15, 25 representatives each from the Democrat and Republican parties presented a bill that would spend $1.5 trillion on various forms of relief.

Party politics have taken a lot of the blame for the failure of Congress to provide a second package thus far. Therefore, this bipartisan effort is encouraging. The representatives involved have shown an understanding that these issues are more important than electoral point-scoring.

One of the main provisions of this package is another $1200 stimulus check. This proposal would also grant an extra $500 for every child or dependent adult the recipient has. Included as part of the relief package are unemployment benefits, school funding, business incentives, and funding for coronavirus testing and healthcare.

This kind of joint effort between the two main parties is long overdue. While many details are still up for debate, it may be time for cautious optimism regarding another financial aid package for those struggling because of COVID-19.

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