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Bill Barr Attacks Trump, Labels Him A “Deposed King” (REPORT)

( – President Donald Trump has never been afraid to fall out with those serving in senior federal government roles. Until recently, however, Attorney General William Barr was a close ally of the president; the two seemed to align on nearly every important issue.

That’s all changed in the last couple of weeks. Since it emerged Barr knew about an ongoing federal investigation into Hunter Biden’s financial affairs, but neglected to reveal this information until after the election, Trump has turned on his AG.

On Saturday, December 12, a CNN report revealed Barr is likely to remain in his role unless Trump decides to fire him. A source close to Barr said the AG refuses to be intimidated, and likened Trump’s commentary on him to a “deposed king ranting.”

Whatever Bill Barr’s views are on Trump, it’s difficult for him to justify his withholding of such crucial information about Hunter Biden from the American people. This may mark an ugly end to his otherwise commendable term as attorney general.

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