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Big Tech Popularity Collapses Following Uprising in Conservative Censorship

( – The tech industry’s bias against conservative voices was one of the biggest political news trends of 2020. It became increasingly evident over the last 12 months, peaking with Facebook and Twitter’s deliberate restriction of the New York Post story about Hunter Biden’s laptop. It didn’t stop there, however; after the protest on Capitol Hill, both companies banned Donald Trump from posting on their platforms.

That’s not sitting will with Americans.

The Changing Tide

Given the fact these companies are profit-making entities, it’s sensible to assume they took these steps to increase their popularity and boost their balance sheets. Considering the rapid growth in radical liberalism over the last few years, it may have appeared as a solid strategy. Now, however, it looks like the silent majority are starting to push back.

On Thursday, February 18, Gallup released a new poll containing questions about the feelings Americans have toward Big Tech. It shows a growing distrust of companies “such as Amazon, Facebook, and Google.”

The proportion of respondents with “very negative” views of Big Tech sits at 22%; this is more than double the figure of 10% from a similar poll conducted in August 2019. Only 34% have a positive view of the industry, down from 46% in the previous poll.

The new poll also asked about government regulation of tech companies. Increased regulation was supported by 57% of those who answered, up from 48% in 2019. This is particularly significant, as government intervention now appears the only realistic way to curb the influence of tech executives.

What’s the Solution?

Big Tech has improved all our lives in countless different ways; the impulse to believe they’re a force for good is entirely understandable. The truth is, however, these entities have amassed far too much power in today’s world. Unless governments begin to manage their activities more closely, they will continue to damage our democracies.

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