Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Big Tech Is Desperately Trying to Destroy Evidence of Fraud (REPORT)

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(TheConservativeNews.org) – After the dust from this year’s election season settles, many voices will call for much more extensive scrutiny of the tech industry. It has become obvious that companies like Facebook and Google have huge power to influence social change by promoting some types of content and suppressing others. The sheer power of these companies is now at a level no one could have imagined even a few years ago.

Big Tech and Election Fraud

On Thursday, December 10, civil rights attorney Harmeet Dhillon appeared on Fox to discuss the ways in which Big Tech companies exercised their influence during this year’s election. She explained that, because of their highly advanced algorithms, companies like Google are able to detect and censor content that has only received a few hundred clicks. Anything that doesn’t fit the narrative they wish to promote can be easily done away with.

Dhillon also discussed the ways in which tech companies treat different types of offensive content. On Twitter, for example, antisemitic content is treated in a different way than offensive posts aimed at the Muslim community.

She went on to use the example of the 2016 election as evidence of their bias. Throughout Donald Trump’s tenure as president, false and harmful allegations of his involvement in collusion with Russia were allowed to remain online. However, content alleging electoral fraud in this year’s election is routinely censored or limited.

What’s the Solution?

As Americans, we’re lucky to live in a country where government bodies do not impose excessive restrictions on businesses. However, in this scenario, it’s difficult to see a way of preserving democracy without imposing much stricter rules for tech platforms. If the federal government cannot curtail the ability of these companies to dictate important narratives, they will continue to subvert our electoral processes at every opportunity.

It’s worth considering how this year’s election would have unfolded had Big Tech not been involved, or even if the major platforms had displayed some degree of impartiality. Unless the smothering liberal bias of Facebook, Twitter, and Google can be addressed moving forward, unbiased news reporting and social commentary will soon become a thing of the past.

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