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Big Pharma Executive Caught Mocking Opioid Addicts

( – In a healthy, productive economy, providers and consumers should enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship in which there is at least some level of trust and respect. In no industry is this further from the case than the pharmaceuticals business. Big Pharma seems to do all it can to exploit the people who rely on its products. As if that wasn’t bad enough, it now appears pharmaceutical executives are actually cold-hearted enough to mock the people whose lives they ruin.

On Monday, May 17, The Daily Mail published a report on a scandal emerging from AmerisourceBergen, one of America’s biggest drug distributors. Company operatives, including executives, apparently made fun of people with opioid addictions in internal emails, calling them “pillbillies” and making up derogatory rhymes about them.

These emails emerged as part of a lawsuit filed by local officials in West Virginia against AmerisourceBergen. The suit is seeking damages from the pharma giant on the grounds that it contributed to the area’s opioid epidemic.

Big Pharma improves the standard of living of millions of Americans every day. However, that doesn’t give these companies the right to treat us with this kind of contempt.

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