Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Biden’s Running Mate Reveals True Intentions With “Harris Administration” Slip

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( – The Democratic vice-presidential nominee Kamala Harris courted controversy at a virtual roundtable on Saturday, September 12. While discussing business incentives for minorities, she referred to a “Harris administration, together with Joe Biden as the president.” Her phrasing here has led to speculation about how she perceives her potential role in the White House.

This was followed by a Joe Biden speech the following day in which the 77-year-old referred to a “Harris-Biden” ticket when discussing initiatives for veterans. Coming so close to the “Harris administration” quote, this choice of words raised many eyebrows.

These incidents lend credence to President Donald Trump’s claim that the proposed Biden administration is a “Trojan horse for socialism.” Harris’ voting record makes her one of the most liberal politicians in Washington. Many commentators (like those in the video below) have speculated that her hard-left tendencies might even have cost her the presidential nomination.

While Democrats will likely try to brush these gaffes off as simple mistakes, they should give voters pause for thought. With many unanswered questions surrounding Joe Biden’s physical and mental health, Harris could well ascend to the presidency before 2024 if the Democrats win November’s election. Even if she doesn’t, Harris may be in a position to exert more influence than would typically be the case for a vice-president. 

These quotes will have many undecided voters wondering what they’ll actually get if they choose a Democratic presidency. 

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