Saturday, January 28, 2023

Biden’s Press Secretary Makes Terrifying Statement…

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( – In case you’re not yet aware, virtually anything said on Twitter by anyone not aligned with the left’s narrative is considered “misinformation,” especially now that billionaire entrepreneur and free speech advocate Elon Musk is at the helm.

For the first time in its existence, Twitter offers an even playing field to conservative voices — a long overdue turn of events. But that clearly has the Biden administration in freak-out mode, as was evidenced at a White House press briefing Monday, when White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre admitted that the White House is “keeping an eye” on what’s happening at Twitter.

Musk’s response to the exchange between an establishment reporter and Jean-Pierre tells us everything we need to know regarding what side he’s on.

“Absolutely insane watching The Machine go after @elonmusk for defending free speech. This whole exchange is kabuki theater, from the ridiculous leading question by the ‘journalist’ to KJP’s obviously pre-planned response,” Dave Rubin tweeted. He attached a clip of the exchange at the briefing.

Musk responded to Rubin’s post with one simple and reasonable question: “Why are so many in the media against free speech? This is messed up.”

Of course, the “machine” Rubin referenced is the conglomeration of Big Tech Silicon Valley firms working in collaboration with the U.S. government and major “woke” corporations to censor opinions, challenges and other statements made by those who exercise their First Amendment rights.

The reporter who asked Jean-Pierre if the White House was monitoring the Twitter situation was blasted for leading KJP into making such a profoundly terrifying statement.

“These ‘journalists’ afraid of free speech are appalling. They’re all propagandists who want to tape your mouth shut so you can’t question the narratives they peddle for the elite ever again. Truly sickening,” Robby Starbuck tweeted.

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