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Biden’s Press Secretary Made Deranged Statement…

(TheConservativeNews.org) – Biden’s Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, said that the U.S economy is stronger than its ever been in history.

During the White House press briefing, Fox News’ Peter Doocy questioned Jean-Pierre on why she thinks that 88% of Americans say the country is “on the wrong track.” Jean-Pierre continued to blame rising prices on “Putin’s tax hike” and the war in Ukraine while insisting that Biden “has a plan” to deal with inflation.

“Do you think it’s possible that your plan just is not popular with the American people right now?” Doocy pressed further.

“I don’t think it’s that our plan is not popular with the American people. We know that the American people are feeling the high costs. We understand what they are feeling because when you look at inflation – when you look at where we are economically, and we are stronger economically than we have been in history, when you look at the unemployment numbers at 3.6%, when you look at the jobs numbers, more than 8.7 million new jobs created. That is important,” Jean-Pierre replied.

Biden has refused to take ownership for the state of the economy, and now his Press Secretary is telling an even more audacious lie, that the economy is actually stronger than its ever been.

Biden has consistently blamed inflation on Vladimir Putin, calling it “Putin’s price hike”.

Twitter didn’t take long to call out the deranged statement that, “we are stronger economically” in the face of record-levels of inflation.


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