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Biden’s Choice For Nominees Keeps Getting Worse…

(TheConservativeNews.org) – Biden’s list of nominees recently has seemed more like a bad news bears episode where every decision is another error of epic proportions. You really gotta hand it to Biden, just when we think he can’t do any worse, somehow he manages to outdo his horrible decisions one after the other.

The US Senate and Electoral College are “anti-democratic,” according to radical nominee Dale Ho. The President’s new pick for District Court in New York made this claim when he was questioned about his stance on judgeships during an interview.

We should be making voting easier, says Ho at the beginning of a clip from The 2018 National Civic Leadership Training Summit. He goes on to mention that we had many disagreements about what it means for people’s rights and dignity when they vote in elections.

Ho continues by stating that  The United States,”obviously has lots of practices that are anti-democratic, that entrench in some ways minority rule in this country, and I’m talking about things like, you know, the Senate, the Electoral College, and the maldistribution of political power that results from those institutions.”

Joe Biden has a strange way of nominating candidates. Seriously, who is putting these people forward?

David Asman from Fox tweeted,“The radicals being nominated by the Biden Administration in no way correspond to his campaign promises to steer a moderate course. Does he even realize how radical and divisive these nominees are?”

Biden has been fighting an uphill battle to find qualified candidates for various government positions. His nominees were not only rejected, they faced resignations and withdrawals because of their radical views on how the American institutions should operate or what role it plays in society. 


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