Monday, December 5, 2022

Biden’s Actions Are A Little Too Late…

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( – The Biden administration has given in and started building a section of former President Trump’s border wall as illegal immigration sees no point in slowing down. 

President Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security finally caved and agreed to close the border barrier gaps in Arizona that pose many security challenges for Border patrol. 

Biden’s administration is trying to do this quietly, as they hated the concept of a border wall. On day one of the Biden White House, they ordered a “pause” of border wall construction and scrapped other Trump-era immigration policies. These swift actions arguably fueled the ongoing border crisis, and the decision to fill these gaps in Yuma comes too late. Materials had been left sitting at the border, when they could’ve instead continued to be used to prevent the humanitarian disaster plaguing border communities.

In the fiscal year 2022, which ends in September, there have been 235,230 migrant encounters, according to Customs and Border Protection data. This is the third highest sector, as it is trailing only behind the Rio Grande Valley and Del Rio sectors in Texas.

The influx of migrants at the border puts an unbelievable strain on local authorities, as they have to fulfill the roles that the federal government cannot.

Arizona and Texas have taken nearly every action to get a handle on the border crisis, including the controversial decision to bus migrants to East Coast cities such as Washington, D.C.

Democrat Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser even ordered the National Guard to assist with the flow of people, to which Gov. Greg Abbott (R-Texas) and Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey (R-Ariz.) did not hesitate to make it clear that these cities are getting nothing compared to their small towns.

“Washington D.C. finally understands what Texans have been dealing with every single day, as our communities are overrun by thousands of illegal immigrants,” Abbott said, according to Fox News.

Ducey pointed out the statistics behind the crisis in his rebuke of Bowser.

“Mayor Bowser is lamenting 4,000 migrants — Arizona had 43,570 border encounters in June alone,” he tweeted.

Over the past ten months, arrests at the border have topped 20,000 every month, including some months topping over 30,000. 

The administration does not deserve credit for doing the bare minimum at the border. Their neglect is a gross disservice to Customs and Border Patrol agents, local authorities, and the good people of the American Southwest.

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