Saturday, January 28, 2023

Biden Will Vacation During the Thanksgiving Holiday

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( – While illegal immigrants continue to invade our soil in droves, gas prices progressively soar, inflation keeps increasing and Americans flock to the stores in hopes of being able to afford, or even purchase, the trimmings for Thanksgiving dinner, one thing is certain. President Biden will be enjoying yet another vacation.

Nantucket Current recently reported that security and lodging arrangements for Biden and his upcoming visit to Nantucket had begun in October.

For over 45 years the Biden family has observed the Thanksgiving holiday on the island. This year will be different because he will be visiting as the President and not a senator or Vice President, making the excursion a little more complex. Biden’s safety will be top priority as he normally makes his appearance known, strolling through the town stopping to talk with people or even posing for photos. 

Biden’s last visit to the island was in 2019, when he campaigned as a presidential candidate. There was no security or fanfare then, but the question begs, will there be this year? Will residents of the island welcome him and his family with open arms, or will they, as many Americans do, question his presidential feats. 

While the economy tanks, migrants seem to be given the red carpet into the US and Americans everywhere are suffering from the supply chain crisis. A person has to wonder — will this Thanksgiving vacation be like any other for Joe Biden?

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