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Biden Went On An Unhinged Rant…

( – An irritable Joe Biden lashed-out Tuesday when speaking with leaders of the AFL-CIO labor union; insisting people stop spreading “lies” about his “reckless spending.”

“I don’t want to hear anymore of these lies about reckless spending. We’re changing people’s lives!” yelled the President.

New data released by the federal government Tuesday shows consumer prices rising nearly 11% as the overall Inflation rate rose nearly 9%.

The typical US household now spends $500 on higher prices for food and fuel.

He is changing people’s lives, by making them worse, and that he has no clue about the difference is troubling.

Biden’s presidency has resulted in the most severe decline in middle-class quality of life in decades.

Biden repeated his signature “Putin price hike” excuse for the dismal state of the American energy market in the speech, declining to take responsibility for failing to deter Russia’s war on Ukraine or for devastating the production capacity of the American natural gas industry.

Biden claimed that Americans have more savings than ever before under his tenure, ignoring the reality that a crumbling economy has devastated the 401k and investment savings of the average American.

Biden continued his speech full of dishonesty, the President even claimed that America has been spared the worst of global inflation, even as the inflation rate in the United States outpaces other western developed countries.

According to Trending Economics, the current inflation rate in the entire European Economic Area is 8.1 percent. The most recent queried inflation rate in the United States is even higher at a whopping 8.6 percent.

Biden can say these things that simply aren’t true, because the mainstream media will never call him out on his dishonesty.


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