Saturday, January 28, 2023

Biden Twirled Around Dazed And Confused…

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( – President Joe Biden has this thing about appearing lost when he wraps up a speech and turns to leave the stage, as seen again Thursday in Pittsburgh.

The 79-year-old president widely seen as being in cognitive decline seemed to struggle to get off stage after discussing infrastructure at a rally held at the Fern Hollow Bridge construction site.

After turning to his right and speaking to someone off camera, Biden starts to turn left before quickly going back to the right and SPINNING in a full circle to exit stage left. All the while with a dumbfounded expression on his face that may be more of a playful feign than outright confusion.

Either way, it is NOT a good look for the commander-in-chief who sits in the most powerful seat in the entire world.

If Biden is indeed being playful, his aides need to tell him to knock it off. Much like his continued habit of whispering into microphones, it’s a creepy look that doesn’t send forth an image of power as much as it reinforces the view many have that Biden is a feeble old man who’s not sure what day of the week it is.

There have been numerous occasions when Biden has seemed dazed and confused since taking office… here are but a few:

Biden manages to get lost nearly every time he’s in public. The president really needs some remedial training on how stages work.

You have to love the little perplexed twirl he gives. Really solid stuff for the guy that is leading the most powerful nation on earth. And I’m sure none of this emboldens our adversaries.

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