Sunday, December 4, 2022

Biden Tells Another Whopper…

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( – On Friday, President Joe Biden was in Carlsbad, California, trying to make the closing argument for the Democrats by talking up the CHIPS and Science Act. While he gave the speech at the corporate headquarters of Viasat, he regaled those in the audience — and those watching at home — with the gripping story of how he survived the time his helicopter “went down” in Afghanistan.

“A lot of you have been to Afghanistan. I’ve been to every part of it. It’s a godforsaken place. It’s a godforsaken place,” Biden said.

“When we — my helicopter went down, I was with the — the — the commander as well as a couple snipers and — and a guy named [Chuck] Hagel, who was — later became the secretary of Defense and a guy named [John] Kerry, the secretary of — of State,” he said.

“And he wanted to see — they wanted to see where bin Laden had escaped through the mountains up in the upper Kunar Valley.  So the upper Kunar Valley is nothing but rock — straight rocks. There’s no vegetation at all.  Some of you have been there,” he continued.

“And well, our helicopter went down in a snowstorm. And we found a place to land that was an old path.  And it was lucky that we had such great pilots.”

This is all very thrilling, until you realize it’s only true on the merest of technicalities.

Biden’s helicopter “went down” during his fact-finding trip to Afghanistan in roughly the same way that all aircraft that go up eventually come down. According to a Fox News fact-check from the first time he told this preposterous tale, back in 2015, Biden, Hagel and Kerry were on a fact-finding expedition to the country when the pilot realized the weather conditions were deteriorating and took advantage of the fact that, given helicopters can go straight up and straight down, he was better off putting the thing straight down.

“It went pretty blind, pretty fast and we were around some pretty dangerous ridges,” Kerry said. “So the pilot exercised his judgment that we were better off putting down there, and we all agreed.”

Then, after an uneventful landing, the three of them waited to return to Bagram Air Base in the snow.

“We sat up there and traded stories,” Kerry joked. “We were going to send Biden out to fight the Taliban with snowballs, but we didn’t have to do it.”

“Other than getting a little cold, it was fine.”

If John “Reporting For Duty” Kerry can’t find a way to make the event look dramatic, it wasn’t dramatic.

However, Biden’s claim on Friday suggest otherwise.

After all, this is a guy who’s falsely claimed to have been involved with the Civil Rights movement. He’s lied about being arrested while attempting to visit Nelson Mandela in prison in apartheid-era South Africa. He’s lied about having been a truck driver.

Joe Biden keeps on fibbing and no one wants to hold him accountable. 

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