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Biden Spits on Woman at Democrat Rally

( – Every president makes mistakes; it’s human nature. Accidentally spitting while speaking could also happen to just about everyone. But no one expects to get spit on by the President of the United States (POTUS). 

President Joe Biden attended a rally of between 1,500 and 2,500 people on October 26 to show support for Terry McAuliffe in his campaign to become governor of Virginia. After people in the crowd heckled him and chanted that they loved Trump, Biden delivered his remarks and left the stage. 

The president was speaking with people in front of the stage, without a mask on, when he leaned in to speak to one woman. As he pulled back, he accidentally spit while replying to her; the supporter was also maskless in the event. Biden was reportedly completely inoculated against COVID-19, and McAuliffe supporters needed to prove their vaccination status before entering his rallies. 

Still, despite whether someone is vaccinated, Biden has indicated that Americans should still wear masks. The president should also be more careful not to spread germs amid an ongoing pandemic. If either of the two in the exchange had a mask on, namely POTUS, the incident never would’ve occurred. 

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