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Biden Secretly Alters The US Nuclear Doctrine…

( – A radical shift in U.S. nuclear policy was quietly revealed in the latest Nuclear Posture Review, released to the public on Oct. 27.

What was most striking was the omission of a key phrase found in three previous nuclear reviews, including former President Donald Trump’s 2018 review.

According to The Washington Times, the 2022 document omits a role for the U.S. nuclear arsenal as a “hedge against an uncertain future.” According to nuclear policy experts, the change could mean the elimination of hundreds of nuclear weapons.

The potential reduction comes as China and Russia increase their own nuclear stockpiles and seem increasingly willing to use them.

Critics point out the necessity of the weapons to both respond to nuclear escalation by rivals as well as provide a “backstop” to arms control talks, the Times reported.

Defense sources noted that the policy shift also weakens deterrence against “unanticipated nuclear threats,” the outlet added.

A senior Pentagon official said that the U.S. would maintain “robust risk management strategies” as well as “full-scope” nuclear modernization.

The U.S. “will not undertake unilateral reductions in nuclear forces outside a robust arms control framework,” the source told the Times.

“The NPR provides a clear-eyed assessment of Russia and China’s nuclear programs and recognizes that there are limits to reducing reliance on nuclear weapons in the current security environment.”

In our current volatile environment, reducing our capacity to respond to threats is, at best, a misguided step.

Rather than reducing tensions, hamstringing our capabilities only puts ourselves and our allies that rely on us in danger.

Russia and China aren’t the only nuclear threats we have to worry about, either.

With North Korea openly threatening nuclear strikes, it seems the only successful deterrence was the real and viable threat of reprisal.

Clearly, North Korea’s and Russia’s increased threats indicate they no longer recognize the United States’ willingness or capability to respond to a strike.

While the world stands on the precipice of an uncertain future, the Biden administration’s actions only embolden figures seeking to bring about instability and chaos.


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