Sunday, December 4, 2022

Biden Says He Was Bamboozled…

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( – Apparently, the White House now wants us to believe that Joe Biden got bamboozled into believing the massive inflationary wave was only “transitory.” Bloomberg gets two sources to leak that Biden is “irritated” with staffers who didn’t explain the obvious to him, and now “wonders” whether “advisers” spent too much money.

“Democrats incorrectly felt like inflation was a temporary issue, and secondly, we thought that it was the weakest terrain for us,” says Celinda Lake, a Democratic pollster who worked for Biden during the 2020 presidential cycle. “We have a strong message on the economy—from jobs, to protecting Social Security, to lowering the cost of prescription drugs, to fighting to keep gas prices low,” she says, adding, “We just don’t articulate it enough because we’ve been intimidated by the issue.”

The White House started to take inflation far more seriously as a political problem last fall, when polls showed the president’s approval rating was dipping as prices continued to rise. The president was irritated that his aides had assured him the inflation problem was “transitory,” according to two sources familiar with the discussions, an outgrowth of pandemic-induced shortages and other supply-chain kinks.

Biden and his team tried calling it everything but inflation, including a lame messaging attempt at labeling it “Putin’s price hikes.” It’s been “growth,” “transitory” off and on, and the fault of everyone from Donald Trump to Mitch McConnell to gas-station owners.

According to these sources, Biden always wondered whether Larry Summer had it right after all:

He also wondered whether his advisers had paid too little heed to warnings that the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan would flood the economy with too much cash, acting as kindling for inflation. Among those lobbying for a smaller stimulus was Harvard University economics professor Larry Summers, who served under Obama alongside Biden and remains close with the former vice president. Even some of Biden’s economic aides privately had expressed concern about the size of the stimulus package before its passage, particularly the scope of the direct stimulus checks and the amount of state and local aid.

Biden had plenty of warning, including from Summers and others, that additional stimulus risked creating an inflationary wave.

Biden has spent the last two years flooding the economy with too much cash, not just the American Rescue Plan as a one-off. This is gaslighting of the first order.

Now, however, the White House wants us to believe that this is all Brian Deese’s fault:

Biden, who usually appears jovial in public but is not shy about flashing his temper in front of his West Wing aides, took out his frustration on National Economic Council Director Brian Deese in meetings, according to three sources familiar with those discussions. Klain disputes this account.

And well he should, because this is a cheap dodge. If Biden really did blame Deese, Deese would have gotten the boot months ago. In fact, no one on Biden’s team has been asked to resign over inflation or any of the other disasters Biden has inflicted on the United States. No one resigned, for instance, after Biden’s disgraceful abandonment of thousands of Americans in Afghanistan. No one resigned when the supply chains broke down and no one did anything about it until the press made it an issue. No one has yet resigned over the border crisis.

Biden was also reportedly angry that aides had told him inflation was “transitory” as prices have remained sky-high over the past several months.

The economy is performing poorly under Deese’s leadership, while numerous polls have also found that the economy is the most important issue for voters and that Americans trust Republicans more than Democrats to handle the economy.

Biden has publicly aired his anger on several other recent occasions: he called Fox News reporter Peter Doocy a “stupid son of a bitch” in January, and he snapped at a group of protesters and called them “idiots” at a Saturday campaign event in Illinois.

All that the White House has done is pass the buck to anyone else other than those responsible for those disasters. The buck will end up on Biden’s desk, whether he likes it or not, no matter how much his team tries to pretend otherwise.

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