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Biden Official Addresses His Approach on Putin

( – This week, Joe Biden raised eyebrows around the world when he responded in the affirmative to a reporter’s question about whether he would describe Russian President Vladimir Putin as a “killer.” The Kremlin reacted to the controversy by calling the country’s US ambassador back to Moscow, an indication that US/Russia relations have been strained by this development. Now, we have more confirmation about the president’s stance towards Putin.

On Monday, March 22, Biden’s national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, discussed Biden’s remark on MSNBC. When asked whether the president had made “a mistake” by branding Putin a killer, Sullivan replied that he had not. According to him, Biden gave a “direct answer” to the question, and that this directness was consistent with his approach throughout his political career.

Sullivan went on to state that the administration would have “tough days” with Russia because of “profound” disagreement on certain issues.

Regardless of Joe Biden’s preference for “direct” rhetoric in situations like this, this simply isn’t good enough for a US president. We have enough foreign policy challenges already; we don’t need to add more unnecessarily.

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