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Biden Makes Massive Request for Immigrant Children

( – With the crisis on our southern border spiraling further and further out of control, leaders are scrambling to contain the situation. In Texas, for example, Governor Greg Abbott (R) was forced to deploy hundreds of National Guard personnel to border areas to deal with the influx of migrants. Despite the increasing strain the states are under, however, the White House refuses to change course, or even acknowledge how bad the situation truly is.

While Biden and his team might not be openly discussing the matter, however, federal agencies have started to take action.

Use of Military Bases as Migrant Accommodation

On Tuesday, March 23, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) submitted a request to the Pentagon to use two military bases to house unaccompanied migrant children. Joint Base San Antonio has been requested for this purpose, along with a section of land in Fort Bliss, which is near El Paso. This is a clear indication that designated accommodation facilities have been stretched to breaking point.

The Defense Department has also revealed that officials have been considering other army facilities for this purpose. They have even visited some to assess their suitability, including the US Army Garrison at Fort Lee, Virginia.

Unmanageable Migrant Influx

This isn’t the first indication that the situation on the border has become impossible to contain. As we reported earlier this week, Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe uncovered a facility in Donna, Texas, in which thousands of migrants were detained. As many as 600 of these were unaccompanied males under the age of 18. 

Holding areas were crowded, and many detainees were wrapped in foil blankets to stay warm. Those guarding the facility did not allow media access. 

What’s the Next Step?

Military facilities were not designed to hold minors; in any case, migrant children shouldn’t, by law, be spending any more than three days in a detention center of any kind. Many have already spent far longer than that. Unless the Biden administration starts taking this issue seriously, it will develop into an even worse humanitarian crisis.

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