Biden Makes Inappropriate Remark About Young Girls at Event

Biden Makes Inappropriate Remark About Young Girls at Event

( – Stories and rumors concerning Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s inappropriate behavior around women are nothing new. On Monday, October 5, he once again attracted attention of this kind with a poorly-judged comment during a campaign event in Miami.

While addressing the city’s Little Haiti Cultural Center, Biden thanked a group of young girls who had performed a traditional dance for him. He went on to remark he wanted to see the “beautiful young ladies” dance again when they were “four years older.”

Biden has earned the moniker “Creepy Joe” from the well-documented wealth of inappropriate behavior. These include non-consensual kissing and facial touching.

When approached about the matter, Joe Biden’s campaign team claimed the statement referred to the four years of a presidential term. We have no way of saying for certain whether or not that justification is true. What is unquestionable is that a man who aspires to sit in the nation’s highest office should be able to give a simple address without gaffes like this happening.

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