Tuesday, June 6, 2023
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Biden Laughs At Reporter’s Question About The Border…

(TheConservativeNews.org) – During a bicycle ride in Delaware, President Joe Biden told reporters Sunday the U.S. southern border was being handled “much better than you all expected,” followed by him laughing at the situation.

According to a post on the Mastodon social media platform by journalist Steve Herman, Biden told reporters, “The situation at the US-Mexico border is much better than you all expected.”

When asked if he had plans to visit the border, the president said: “Not in the near term, no. It would just be disruptive.”

Biden didn’t, of course, mention anything about the peak illegal entries hit this week or the Afghan national on the terror list who entered illegally and was nabbed at the border. Just how many dangerous people are they letting in, not to mention all the people who are just getting away and are never encountered?

Multiple communities have been straining their resources to deal with an influx of migrants in recent weeks. 

The crisis at the border reached a peak this past week, with the highest number of encounters ever of people crossing the border illegally, at over 10,000 a day.


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