Saturday, April 1, 2023
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Biden Handed Taliban 11 U.S. Bases Complete With 10K Rockets

Though they are screaming “death to America” in the streets, the Taliban is thanking American taxpayers for 11 former U.S. bases, complete with 6 aircraft, 174 Humvees, 10,0-00 high-explosive rockets, and more. As the terrorist organization that now controls Afghanistan patrols the country, searching homes and beating dissenters with as many as 40,000 Americans still trapped in the country, the world wonders why and how Joe Biden could have let this happen.

Back in July, Biden began pulling American troops out of Afghanistan, keeping a promise to the far-Left. And while this might be the only promise he has kept since he was “elected” in 2020, it’s a big one — just not in anything resembling a good way. Thanks to Biden, the Taliban are more powerful than ever, and are swarming the streets in their American taxpayer-funded mobile oppression vehicles.

ETVBharat reports that thanks to Biden, the Taliban now has an Air Force as well as nearly a dozen bases under their control:

Everything that happens, every act of terror the Taliban commits in the name of Allah, is on Joe Biden and the Democrats. And if you think they will be satisfied with a single country, you’re sorely mistaken.


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