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Biden Ends Talks With GOP Leaders

( – President Joe Biden’s plans in relation to infrastructure legislation continue to cause headaches in Washington, DC. Conservative lawmakers are very concerned that the president’s spending ambitions could place undue strain on public finances, especially given recent pandemic-related stimulus spending.

Biden is participating in various negotiations to attempt to strike a bipartisan deal on infrastructure. However, on Tuesday, June 8, the president made the decision to discontinue talks with a group of six Republican Senators. Going forward, he will try to reach a deal with a group of moderate lawmakers from both sides of the aisle instead.

Senator Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV), the lead Republican negotiator, expressed frustration with how the negotiations had progressed. She said the president insisted on “harmful” tax increases despite repeated GOP efforts to come up with an alternative spending framework.

This is yet another example of Joe Biden’s stubborn refusal to acknowledge the dangers his massive spending programs could pose. Thankfully, any bill that aims to spend too much money on frivolous projects is very unlikely to pass the evenly-split Senate due to the filibuster.

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