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Biden Caught Funding The Taliban…

( – It turns out that the United States is still the largest provider of foreign aid to Afghanistan, and the Biden Administration is working assiduously and against the law to hide what is happening with that cash. 

The facts come the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR). SIGAR was created in 2008 in the Defense Authorization Act because everything having to do with Afghanistan was corrupt and unaccountable. Congress finally decided that it needed an objective 3rd party to monitor what was happening to all that money.

Earlier this week SIGAR dropped a bombshell–one that clearly didn’t hit the media since they ignored it in favor of defaming Republicans. They flat out stated that the Biden Administration is obstructing and breaking the law:

The United States remains Afghanistan’s single largest donor, having provided more than $1.1 billion in assistance to support the Afghan people since the Taliban’s takeover in August 2021. However, SIGAR, for the first time in its history is unable this quarter to provide Congress and the American people with a full accounting of this U.S. government spending due to the noncooperation of several U.S. government agencies. The United States Agency for International Development (USAID), which administers the majority of U.S. government spending for Afghanistan, and the Treasury Department refused to cooperate with SIGAR in any capacity, while the State Department was selective in the information it provided pursuant to SIGAR’s audit and quarterly data requests, sharing high-level funding data but not details of agency-supported programs in Afghanistan. This is in direct violation of Section 1229(h)(5)(A) of the NDAA for FY 2008 (requiring the agencies to provide information and assistance upon request) and Section 6(c)(1) of the Inspector General Act of 1978, as amended.

SIGAR has notified Congress of this matter

Who would have thought for a moment that the United States would be funneling money to the Taliban, sworn enemies of the United States and hideous oppressors of their own people. Doing this while the Biden Administration is actively violating a law, in order to hide their support for our enemies.

For 14 years, under Republicans and Democrats, SIGAR has been able to do its job. Biden loses Afghanistan to the Taliban, continues to shovel money in their direction despite horrendous human rights abuses, and now is hiding what he is doing with all that cash. 

It’s hard to see this as incompetence, or negligence, or any other standard excuse for government failure. If SIGAR could do its job unobstructed for that long and now suddenly face obstacles due to noncooperation, it is obviously intentional.

They are hiding something really bad.

Congress has to get to the bottom of it when they reconvene with a Republican majority next year.


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