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Biden As Usual Goes Off Script…

( – During Biden’s visit to Florida’s Gulf Coast on Wednesday to survey damage done by Hurricane Ian, he had a lot to say to reporters and first responders gathered in Fort Myers. 

Going against the mainstream media and many Democrats who’ve sought to blame Governor Ron DeSantis, President Biden congratulated DeSantis for his administration’s preparation and response to the storm. “What the governor’s done is pretty remarkable,” Biden said amid destroyed buildings and boats thrashed around by Ian’s wind and storm surge.

But, as usual, it didn’t take long for the president to get off-script and start talking about “global warming” and preaching, while in Florida, about how “the Colorado River looks more like a stream” and “there’s a lot going on.” Biden then used the destruction and death in Florida from Hurricane Ian to allege the storm and other recent natural phenomena “finally ended” the “discussion about whether or not there’s climate change, and we should do something about it.” 

Biden, of course, did not explain how U.S. climate legislation would do anything to stop the thunderstorms from rolling off the west coast of Africa and developing into hurricanes.

Apparently, according to Biden, paying lip service to “global warming” is the “biggest” thing state leaders can do to protect the lives of their citizens from natural disasters…and maybe that explains why the Biden administration has failed to do anything to reduce inflation, avoid leaving Americans behind Taliban lines in Afghanistan, or address rising crime. 

Before leaving Fort Myers to make his way back to the White House, Biden was caught in fine form on a hot mic while reporters were being corralled back onto a press van. “No one f***s with a Biden,” the president seemingly says while glad-handing.

Biden’s remarks in Florida came on the same day that the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries announced they would cut oil production by 2 million barrels a day. 

White House officials said they were “disappointed by the shortsighted decision,” but industry leaders appeared to mock the president in response. 

“The WH has one option left and it is the one option they should have never turned away from in the first place – the US based oil and gas industry,” the US Oil & Gas Association tweeted Wednesday. “Life comes at you pretty fast…”


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