Thursday, February 2, 2023

Biden Admin Mocked By China Again…

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( – With each passing day, the reality that the United States of America is governed by arrogant, opportunists who are partly incompetent and partly good at following the plan set forth by a few decision-makers, is disturbing.

In the most recent example, the Biden administration working with the corporate media propagated and confidently predicted Russia would invade Ukraine calling on their Eurpoean allies to speak out against the coming invasion.

Well, it did not happen, leaving the communist in China and Vladimir Putin Putin’s Russia to mock and accuse the U.S.A., of fabricating the “military action” for political and financial gain.

Chinese state media mockingly commemorated Wednesday as “Invasion Day,” the day U.S. President Joe Biden and some of his top officials allegedly predicted Russia would launch an all-out invasion of Ukraine.

The Chinese jeered that while Biden anticipated the thunder of guns, the only sound to be heard along the Ukrainian border was a hype bubble popping.

China’s state-run Global Times wrote a sarcastic editorial that treated February 16 as a pivotal date in history the world could “learn” from, but not for the reasons advanced by the Biden administration:

The world has once again witnessed the shamelessness and absurdity of a group of “professional screenwriters” in the US intelligence services. People have also seen the complicated tricks of the US when setting an agenda and mobilizing public opinion. Perhaps this is exactly the “intelligence” American politicians need. As the spokesperson of China’s Foreign Ministry pointed out on Wednesday, it is exactly the persistent hype and dissemination of disinformation by some in the West that has added more turbulence and uncertainty to the world already fraught with challenges and intensified distrust and division. We hope relevant parties can stop such disinformation campaigns and do more things that benefit peace, mutual trust and cooperation.

This “intelligence farce” by the US is rare in the current international political narratives. The two sides who are hyped heading into a clash expressed their unwillingness for a war. Russia repeatedly said it won’t attack Ukraine, and the latter clarified that the situation hasn’t been that tense. Yet the US and West have hyped the imminent war non-stop, and even predicted the precise time when the war will break out. Ukraine suffered a huge loss in the panic atmosphere as exchange rates plummeted, capital fled, and flights were grounded…

Recklessly fabricating lies of an “invasion day” shows that the US is not afraid of being embarrassed. It believes that with strong discourse power in the world, it can manipulate public opinion at will. In this crisis, the US is playing a game of two-side bets: whether or not Russia invades Ukraine, the US “wins.” If Russia indeed invades, the US side will say it had expected it long ago and warned repeatedly; if not, the US would say the war was avoided or postponed because of the deterrence of their sanctions.

It is becoming more difficult to refute the claims of the CCP as many in the U.S. government are in bed with them, increasing in power and wealth, at our nation’s expense.

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