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Betsy Devos Urges Department of Education Employees to “Resist” Biden

( – Despite the ongoing legal challenges to the reported outcome of this year’s election, Joe Biden has persisted in approaching people to serve on his Cabinet. His supporters have delighted in speculating at what he will do in the White House and, of course, referring to him as the “president-elect,” an unofficial term.

However, not everyone has been so quick to ignore the ongoing disputes. On Tuesday, December 15, it was reported that Education Secretary Betsy DeVos instructed department employees to “resist” the alleged incoming Biden administration. She also implored her subordinates to put students first in every move they make.

Betsy DeVos’ use of the language of “resistance” that’s so beloved by commentators on the Left was no accident. That rhetoric became popular when Liberals sought to paint themselves as outsiders trying to change the establishment.

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