Barack Obama Draws Few People to Campaign Event For Joe Biden (REPORT)

Barack Obama Draws Few People to Campaign Event For Joe Biden (REPORT)

( – The COVID-19 pandemic has prevented Donald Trump and Joe Biden from meeting voters as much as presidential candidates normally would. However, rallies and events have still played a large part in this election season. As we’ve seen over the last number of weeks, Donald Trump is the clear winner when it comes to rally attendance.

On Saturday, October 24, Barack Obama addressed a drive-in crowd at Florida International University. A Biden campaign insider revealed that only around 400 people attended the event. Similarly, a drive-in Biden rally in Pennsylvania on Saturday had only 130 cars in attendance.

This strikes a sharp contrast with recent Republican events. Trump’s rallies in Maine, Wisconsin, and New Hampshire have all attracted thousands of attendees.

In terms of the election’s outcome, it’s difficult to gauge anything of significance from a metric like rally attendance. Nonetheless, Conservatives will get a boost of optimism from seeing this. Such a poor attendance at an event with a former president, especially in a swing state like Florida, is bad news for Democrats.

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