Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Armorer Says Someone May Have Purposely Put Bullet in Alec Baldwin’s Gun

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( – Recently, renowned actor Alec Baldwin accidentally shot and injured a director and a cinematographer, who later died. Authorities say the investigation is ongoing and that no one has been eliminated as a suspect. But the person in charge of the production’s weapons has come forward with some new information. 

What Happened?

Baldwin was filming a scene for “Rust” when he fired a .45 caliber revolver that was meant to contain only dummy rounds. Instead, the firearm actually fired a projectile, hitting the director, Joel Souza, injuring him and eventually striking Halyna Hutchins, who later succumbed to her injury in the hospital. Baldwin has been completely cooperative with authorities as they investigate. 

Damning Developments

One development may have uncovered part of the reason why the shooting ever happened: negligence. Hannah Gutierrez-Reed noted that she was doing the job of two people, with her other duties impairing her ability to fulfill her role as the armorer. Gutierrez-Reed claims production put her in the position to do two separate jobs due to funding, the same issue that caused the producing agency to skip out on the worst-case scenario insurance. 

The armorer claims she fought for training sessions and the required time to inspect and maintain the weapons for the film but was ultimately steam-rolled by production. Now, Gutierrez-Reed is coming forward with another bold statement. 

How Did Live Rounds End Up in the Gun?

The set worker’s statement likely reflects what many people familiar with the story are asking: How did live rounds get anywhere near the gun? While real guns are allowed on set, live rounds are not, which means this one had to have come from an outside party. Gutierrez-Reed asserted that she never even let the firearms fire live rounds, so she doesn’t understand how they got in the gun. The only other possibility is that someone purposely placed live ammunition in the revolver. 

Gutierrez-Reed’s attorney mentioned that she kept the guns locked up, even the day said incident occurred. Jason Bowles, one of the armorer’s lawyers, noted that she was aloof about inspecting the rounds that went into the firearms and she was no better on the day of the incident. Gutierrez-Reed’s statement alleges that she had spun the revolver’s cylinder before handing it to assistant director, David Halls. 

Her statement also included that she continuously urged everyone never to point a firearm at another person, regardless of the situation. Gutierrez-Reed insisted it was virtually impossible for anyone to foresee someone introducing live rounds onto the set. She blamed producers, including Baldwin, for poor and unsafe working conditions. 

Because Gutierrez-Reed was the armorer, blame quickly found its way back to her. The set worker maintains she has no idea how live rounds got into the revolver, insisting that someone else had to put them in the gun. 

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