Thursday, February 2, 2023

Are We Losing Our Traditional Values?

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( – All one has to do is look at the news and it’s clear America is under attack, both in terms of armed warfare and rhetoric aimed at the moral fiber of the country. In some ways, the war of words can be more harmful than bullets and Molotov cocktails, especially in the hands of a skilled wordsmith and even more so when wielded by the education system.

Family Structure

Black Lives Matter (BLM) is a great slogan to play on the emotions and rally people to the cause. Unfortunately, it’s also the name of the organization behind it. While the first is so blatantly obvious people want to be supportive, the second part, regarding the activists behind it, is where we run into a problem.

Reading the “what we believe” section of their website can help one shine a bright light on some of the dirty little secrets of their Agenda. There they state “we disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure…” Then it goes on to basically describe Hillary Clinton’s “it takes a village” dogma.

As is the wont of Progressive Liberals across the country, they tie statistics into a veritable Gordian knot and then use them to befuddle the masses. For example, in a recent op-ed, it’s writer proffered an argument against a traditional family structure by comparing Whites and Blacks instead of correctly highlighting the benefit within each racial segment.

The data show a massive percentage drop in the number of children living in poverty across all racial groups in two-parent homes. For Blacks that’s a mere 12% compared to 45% in single-mother homes and 36% in single-father homes. They claim the final number when compared against the 5% in two-parent white families proved the familial structure was a failure.

They’re relying on the fact that a large segment of this country only seems capable of digesting news into segments large enough to post on social media rather than make an effort to study the data itself. After more than half of a century of changing the education system into an indoctrination system, it seems they’re reaping the fruits of that work.

Faith and the Family

The very first clause of the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States says, “[C]ongress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,” but the political left has been assailing that for decades. However, studies have shown faith has a stabilizing influence on family life.

Many on the Left get their hackles up over this topic with an almost Pavlovian response that runs along the lines of, “stop talking about Christianity!!” And yes, Christians do tend to view heterosexual marriage as one of the basic tenets of their Faith, but Judaism and Islam, as well as numerous others, also hold that ideal.

A strong familial approach to one’s religion has been shown to have many benefits for both those units and the nation as a whole. Not only does it contribute to stronger trust and happiness within the family, but the data indicates it has a strong tendency to promote productivity within succeeding generations.

Every structure has to have a strong foundation to stand the test of time and that includes nations. The stated aims of some of the more radical groups and the ever-growing pile of lawsuits aimed at chipping away the moral fiber of the country filed by the leftist organizations within it should be adequate proof of their overall intent.

The onslaught of Socialist/Communist/Left Fascist individuals into roles within the government and media outlets is becoming a very real danger to the United States. There’s a good reason why millions of people the world over were willing to sacrifice their lives to fight back against countries like Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. They’re just not conducive to freedom.

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