Anti-Trumpers Are Trying to Blacklist Trump’s Election Lawyers (REPORT)

Anti-Trumpers Are Trying to Blacklist Trump's Election Lawyers (REPORT)

( – As the two presidential candidates gear up for a legal battle about the election’s outcome, figures on the Left have begun looking into ways to undermine the process. On Tuesday, November 10, Breitbart published a story about a number of Liberals that had taken to Twitter to suggest blacklisting the Trump campaign’s lawyers.

Some commentators called for other clients of the firm to reconsider their relationship with it because of its association with Trump. Others attempted to expose the personal details of those working with the firm. Journalist Rex Huppke was one prominent figure who got involved, expressing his disdain

Jones Day maintains they are not representing Trump or his campaign, but instead the Pennsylvania GOP. 

Jones Day is one of the most established law firms in the country. Its partners are unlikely to be too concerned about this kind of hysteria from a minority of Liberal voices. However, this episode is a valuable reminder of how low figures on the Left could possibly stoop to try to get their way.

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