Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Andrew Cuomo: Restaurant Owners Should Be Happy

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( – The COVID-19 pandemic has rocked America like nothing else in modern history. Thousands of people are dying each day, the old and vulnerable have been left isolated for months, and businesses are suffering heavily from the lack of footfall that has accompanied movement restrictions. However, to listen to some of the rhetoric coming from our politicians, you’d think the pandemic was only a trifling matter.

“Be Happy,” Says Gov. Andrew Cuomo

On Monday, December 14, Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo (D) imposed fresh restrictions on his state’s citizens. Indoor dining is now banned in New York City until further notice. Considering the fact temperatures in the city are currently below freezing most days, this has essentially disabled the restaurant industry.

For some reason, though, Cuomo doesn’t seem to think this is all that big a deal. In a press conference during the week, he said people should “be happy” restaurants are closed, as it will prevent a more advanced shutdown further down the road.

What the Statistics Say

While you might think, based on Cuomo’s statement, that bars and restaurants were a significant risk factor for viral spread in New York, the numbers tell a different tale. According to official state statistics, just over 1.4% of confirmed cases came from such establishments. The same data tell us household gatherings have been the cause of most of the recent transmission in the area. 

It’s not much of a leap to suggest this move will encourage more people to gather in private settings. This means Cuomo’s measures might actually be increasing the risk of uncontrolled viral spread.

It’s very easy for someone like Andrew Cuomo to tell people to just be satisfied with their lot right now. Like everyone else involved in directing policy in relation to this pandemic, he stands to lose nothing professionally from it. If anything, it has only made him more powerful.

However, for the hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers suffering the economic effects of Cuomo’s restrictions, the situation is anything but satisfactory. This episode is yet another illustration of the disconnect that exists between politicians and the people they are supposed to serve.

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