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Amy Klobuchar Forced From Stage by Angry Mob

( – Liberal protestors usually set their sights on members of the GOP, but current events prove even other liberals are no longer safe from their attacks. A recent event in Minnesota showed progressives are beginning to turn against each other.

On November 11, Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) spoke at an event the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party had hosted to endorse State Rep. Connie Bernardy (D), when demonstrators from Resist Line 3 forced her off stage. Line 3 is an active pipeline that runs between Canada and Minnesota.

The activist group confronted the senator about why she wasn’t taking action to shut down the line. Klobuchar rolled her eyes in response and tried to continue speaking, but the protestors were too disruptive. She eventually left the stage.

The group highlighted what happened in a tweet. Additional tweets from Resist Line 3 bragged about their actions.

What makes this different from when Republicans face similar situations is that Klobuchar and her liberal comrades have partnered with these types of groups in the past. They have supported protests that didn’t negatively affect them.

The incident with the senator isn’t isolated. Vice President Kamala Harris dealt with issues from activists when campaigning for former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe (D). Still, it seems to surprise those on the far-left that working with unpredictable demonstrators who refuse to follow the rules and obey the law would end negatively.

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