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Americans Reveal Which Threats They Think Are Most Important

( – America is rarely short of foreign policy challenges. When you’re the most powerful country in the world, there will always be aggressors seeking to cause you harm. A newly-released Gallup poll deals with the issues Americans perceive to pose the greatest threats to the country at the moment. 

Conducted between February 3 and February 18, the survey shows cyberattacks are currently considered the biggest danger, with 82% responding that such attacks are a “critical threat” to our interests. There is little partisan division on this topic; 82% of Democrats and 81% of Republicans agree it’s a problem.

Given recent developments in this area, these results are hardly surprising. Earlier this year, a cyberattack breached a number of government agencies as well as some private institutions. Experts believe Russian operatives likely perpetrated the attack.

National defense leaders have stated that Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea should all be considered potential cyberattack threats. It seems that the average American also recognizes this.

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