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Americans Reveal How They Feel About Actress Taking on Disney

( – In February, the “cancel culture” debate arose once again as actress Gina Carano was fired by Lucasfilm (which Disney owns) for her social media posts. Though many admitted some of her content was distasteful, few commentators seemed to think her dismissal was justified. Now, we know exactly how strong this feeling is. 

On Friday, March 5, The Daily Wire posted data from an exclusive poll that asked respondents about Carano’s firing. Having had the opportunity to look at the post that provoked the reaction against her, 73% of people feel she should not have lost her job. 

Among the participants, 39% thought it was “poorly worded,” but not bad enough to warrant firing, while 34% saw “nothing wrong” with her post. The poll also revealed 84% of those surveyed disagreed with Disney’s choice to film near Chinese concentration camps, and 47% said Disney’s behavior made them less likely to engage with the company’s content.

Clearly, public opinion of the cancel culture phenomenon is starting to sour. Corporations like Disney should take note.

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