Americans Are Finally Fed Up

Americans Are Finally Fed Up

( – In 2018, Democrats took over the House of Representatives and immediately went after President Donald Trump. They’ve devoted nearly all of their time to the sole mission of destroying him, even going as far as to impeach him. When they did so, the congressional approval rating plummeted. 

It’s clear the American people are still pretty disappointed in Congress.

A new monthly Gallup poll has the congressional approval rate at a dismal 18%. Democrats took the biggest hit. Only 20% of Americans think they’re doing a good job, down from 39% in June. Republicans saw their rating fall from 24% to 14%. GOP House candidate for New York’s 10th district, Cathy Bernstein, blamed it on events like Attorney General Bill Barr’s hearing.

While the approval numbers for Congress aren’t great, President Trump still has a 91% approval rating among Republicans. That’s crucial as he campaigns for reelection. Keeping the party together could mean a win for him in November, and who knows, maybe the House will straighten up during his next term if he wins.

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