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American Detained in Connection With Shocking Crime

( – The Caribbean nation of Haiti has been struggling through an extended period of unrest lately. Protests and economic difficulties have resulted in thousands displaced from their homes. The country hit a new low last week when armed attackers entered the home of President Jovenel Moïse and shot him dead, and seriously injured his wife.

In this story’s latest twist, it now appears one of the chief suspects in this case is an American resident. Haiti-born Christian Emmanuel Sanon (63) was living in South Florida prior to going to Haiti in June of this year. Haitian law enforcement believes Sanon arrived in the country with “political objectives,” and may even have been considering taking over as president. Police arrested him on the suspicion that he helped to orchestrate the attack by recruiting those directly involved through his connections with a private security firm.

Sanon is now the third American resident to be arrested in connection with this case. Two US citizens described as mercenaries have also been taken into custody, along with 15 individuals from Colombia. Both US citizens were born in Haiti. An unconfirmed number of other suspects died at the scene during a firefight with police, while several others are reportedly still at large. 

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