Alleged Ghislaine Maxwell “Lieutenant” Claims SHE’S the Victim

Alleged Ghislaine Maxwell

( – Since Jeffrey Epstein’s death in a Manhattan prison in 2019, his name has rarely been far from the headlines. Along with Ghislaine Maxwell, the deceased financier trafficked dozens of young women and exploited them sexually. 

Of course, Maxwell and Epstein needed help to commit these crimes. Sarah Kellen, who worked as Jeffrey Epstein’s personal assistant for close to a decade, has been accused by many of having extensive involvement in the depraved operations. On Sunday, December 6, however, Kellen tells a different side to the story in an interview with The Sun.

She claims not to be the “monster” some have made her out to be, but rather a victim of Jeffrey Epstein’s. She was, she states, sexually abused on a weekly basis while working for the billionaire. 

It’s never a good idea to jump to conclusions when it comes to these kinds of stories. It’s impossible to say how much control Epstein and Maxwell might have had over someone like Sarah Kellen. We will have to wait for more evidence to emerge to decide whether she deserves sympathy or condemnation.

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